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Richard E. Silverman <res@qoxp.net>


I make my living doing “computer stuff:” systems administration & engineering, software development, networking, security, etc., mostly with various flavors of Unix. I am also a writer, and have published books and articles on computer security and other topics:

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... and sundry other sysadmin and consulting gigs. You can see more about my professional background on LinkedIn.


some interests:

Mathematics — My degrees are in computer science and pure mathematics, and these things still fascinate me. Especially: general topology, abstract algebra, lambda calculus, cryptography, mathematical logic, and formal methods in protocol design and analysis.

Music — I have studied and performed on several instruments; these days, I’m playing my cello a lot. Before moving to NYC, I sang for several years with Convivium Musicum, a small choir in Boston specializing in sacred vocal music of the Renaissance. Here’s a sample of our work: In Omni Tribulatione by Mouton, recorded on 9 June 2002 at St. Paul’s Church in Brookline, MA.